Gallery of Structures Solved in the Lab

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Cryo-EM structure of the T7 DNA-Ejectosome
PDB entry: 7K5C, EMD-22680
Swanson et al., Molecular Cell, 2021

Recombinant Fab4 bound to TerL (1-31)
PDB entries: 6VI2, 6VI1, 6XMI
Lokareddy et al., Acta D, 2020

Pseudomonas-phage PaP3 TerS
PDB entry: 6W7T 
Niazi et al., Nucleic Acid Research, 2020

Chlamydia SNARE-like protein IncA
PDB entries: 6E7E, 6E6A
Cingolani et al., Nature Comm, 2019

M. Tuberculosis Heme Transporter DppA
PDB entries: 6E3D, 6E4D
Mitra et al., Nature Comm, 2019

S. cerevisiae Inositol Phosphatase Siw14
PDB entries: 6E3B
Florio et al., Biochemistry, 2019

RCC1 bound to importin a3 and Kap60
PDB entries: 5TBK, 5T94
Sankhala et al., Nature Comm, 2017

Inhibition of COX-1 by Mofezolac and P6
PDB entries: 5WBE, 5U6X
Cingolani et al., Eur. J. Med. Chem, 2017


Immature ProCapsid Portal Protein
PDB entries: 5JJ3, 5JJ1
Lokareddy et al., Nature Comm, 2017

Pom121 NLS bound to importin α
PDB entry: 4YI0
Kralt et al., Mol. Cell. Bio., 2015

HK620 and P22 Tail Needles at different pHs
PDB: 4ZKP, 4ZKU, 4ZXQ, 5BU5, 5BVZ, 5BU8
Bhardwaj et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2016

Heh1 and Heh2 membrane protein NLSs
PDB entries: 4PVZ, 4XZR
Lokareddy et al., Structure, 2015

M. Tuberculosis TNT-IFT complex
PDB entry: 4QLP
Sun et al., NSMB, 2015

Importin α1, 3, 7 bound to Influenza PB2
PDB entries: 4UAD, 4UAE, 4UAF
Pumroy et al., Structure, 2015

Phosphatase domain of Human Laforin
PDB entry: 4R30
Sankhala et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2015

Human RNA Phosphatase PIR1
PDB entries: 4MBB, 4NYH
Sankhala et al., Biochemistry, 2014

Human p53-phosphatase DUSP26
PDB entry: 4HRF
Lokareddy et al., Biochemistry, 2013

P22 Headful Packaging Nuclease
PDB entry: 4DKW
Roy et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2012

Human Importin α5 bound to Nup50
PDB entry: 3TJ3
Ruth et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2012

P22 nonameric Small terminase subunit
PDB entry: 3P9A
Roy et al., Structure, 2012

Importin α1 bound to PLSCR4 minimal NLS
PDB entry: 3Q5U
Lott et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2011

Structure of phage Sf6 Tail Needle Knob
PDB entries: 3RWN, 4K6B
Bhardwaj et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2011

E.coli F1 ATPase inhibited by subunit ε
PDB entry: 3OAA
Cingolani and Duncan, NSMB, 2011

Full length dodecameric P22 Portal Protein
PDB entry: 3LJ5
Olia et al., NSMB, 2011

P22 Portal Protein Core bound to twelve GP4s
PDB entries: 1VT0, 3LJ4
Olia et al., NSMB, 2011

Open and closed Importin β bound to sIBB
PDB entry: 3LWW
Bhardwaj et al., Biochemistry, 2010

A circular permutant of Barnase
PDB entry: 3DA7
Butler et al., Biochemistry, 2009

Vaccinia Virus Dual Specificity Phosphatase
PDB entries: 3CM3, 2RF6
Koksal et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2009

Phage P22 Tail Needle Gp26
PDB entries: 2POH, 3C9I
Olia et al., Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 2007

Importin β bound to snurportin IBB-domain
PDB entries: 2P8Q, 2Q5D
Mitrousis et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2008

Mammalian Importin α bound to PLSCR1 NLS
PDB entry: 1Y2A
Chen et al., J. Biol. Chemistry, 2005

Importin β HEATs (1-11) bound to the PTHrP
PDB entry: 1M5N
Cingolani et al., Molecular Cell, 2002

Human Importin β bound to the IBB-domain
PDB entries: 1QGK, 1QGR
Cingolani et al., Nature, 1999