Gino Cingolani, Ph.D.

Gino Cingolani, Ph.D.

2015-present, Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, PA, USA
2015-present, Director, X-ray Crystallography Facility, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
2009-2014, Associate Professor with tenure, Thomas Jefferson University, PA, USA
2004-2009, Assistant Professor, SUNY Upstate Medical University, NY, USA
1999-2003, Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA
1999, Ph.D. European Molecular Biology Laboratory
1997, D.E.A. (Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies), Uni. J. Fourier, Grenoble, France
1995, B.S./M.S. Biochemistry, University of Bari, Italy

Email: [email protected]

Ravi Lokareddy, Ph.D.

Ravi Lokareddy, Ph.D. Research Instructor


David Hou, Ph.D.  Cryo-EM Manager

Yinghui Ko, Ph.D.

Ying-Hui Ko, Ph.D. Research Assistant


Daniel Yeggoni, Ph.D. Post-doc

Tyler Florio, B.S.

Tyler Florio, B.S. Ph.D. Student

Steven Doll, M.S.

Steven Doll, M.S. Ph.D. Student

Nick Swanson, B.S.

Nick Swanson, B.S. Ph.D. Student

Fenglin Li (Momo), M.S.

Fenglin Li (Momo), M.S. Research Assistant

Ruoyu Yang (Liam), M.S.

Ruoyu Yang (Liam), M.S. Ph.D. Student


Stephano Iglesias, B.S. Ph.D. Student

Marzia Niazi, B.A.

Marzia Niazi, M.S. X-ray Facility Manager

Nathan Hong

Nathan Hong, B.S. Master Student

Samiol Azam, Ph.D.

Samiol Azam, Ph.D. Post-doc

Igor Orlov, Ph.D.

Igor Orlov, Ph.D. Post-doc at Rockefeller University

Morena Miciaccia, M.S.

Morena Miciaccia, Ph.D. Post-doc University of Bari, Italy

Mariaclara Iaselli, M.S.

Mariachiara Iaselli, Ph.D. Chemist at ITEL TELECOMUNICAZIONI SRL (Italy)

Victoria Frisbie, B.A.

Victoria Frisbie, B.A. Ph.D. Student at Thomas Jefferson University

Cole Rineer

Cole Rineer Summer Student 2018

Alana Okun

Alana Okun Summer Student 2017

Ariel Myatt, M.S.

Ariel Myatt, M.S. Resource Coordinator II CHOP Microbiome Center

Rajeshwer Sankhala, Ph.D.

Rajeshwer Sankhala, Ph.D. Scientist, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Ruth Pumroy, Ph.D.

Ruth Pumroy, Ph.D. Scientist UPENN

Anshul Bhardwaj, Ph.D.

Anshul Bhardwaj, Ph.D. Res Assistant Professor

Ankoor Roy, Ph.D.

Ankoor Roy, Ph.D. Scientist, Janssen Research

Lan Ho

Lan Ho, Ph.D. Senior Scientist II, Data Review at Eurofins

Adam Olia, Ph.D.

Adam Olia, Ph.D. Scientist at NIH - VRC/SBS

Greg Mitrousis, Ph.D.

Greg Mitrousis, Ph.D. Post-doc

Jon Nardozzi, Ph.D.

Jon Nardozzi, Ph.D. Principal Scientist at Repertoire Immune Medicines

Kaylen Lott, Ph.D.

Kaylen Lott, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor

Adem Koksal, Ph.D.

Adem Koksal, Ph.D. Associate Director, NextCure

Amanda Leskovar, B.S.

Amanda Leskovar, B.S. Client Relations Manager, ICON Laboratory Services

Nancy Walker, M.S.

Nancy Walker, M.S. Research Assistant, SUNY


Pluto Senior Lab Consultant